What is an ‘Open Evangelical’?

They are Christians who find their centre in an Evangelical identity:

Centred in Jesus

Centred in His saving death and resurrection

Centred in His complete witness to himself in the Holy Scriptures

Centred in His Holy Spirit

Centred in His Church

Evangelical Christians are part of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church. They hold their beliefs in common with all creedal Christians. They are distinct in that they emphasise their continuity with the 16th Century renewal of the church through the Great Reformers.

But being centred, Open Evangelicals are also free to be ‘open’:

Open to new light from the Scriptures

Open to other Christian traditions

Open to developments in culture

Open to new forms of worship and renewal

Open to new scholarship and scientific developments

In knowing where our firm centre is, Open Evangelicals are on the lookout for God’s grace, not just in Evangelical Churches, but in the whole of the Church, and even further afield. They firmly believe that God has always more light to shed from His Word, and some of this light can come from the most unexpected sources.

What is an Anglican?

An Anglican is a form of Christianity which finds its roots in the Church of England, in particular after the 16th Century separation from the Roman Catholic Church. Whilst separated from Rome and developing a variation of Protestant doctrine, Anglicans also maintained the old pre-Reformation church structures (the threefold order of Bishops, Priests, and Deacons), as well as a healthy respect for the teachings of the Church Fathers and the role of reason as tools for understanding the Bible.

Anglicans have since developed three traditions of Anglicanism:

Evangelicalism – this emphasises the Protestant elements of Anglicanism

Anglo-Catholicism – this emphasises the pre-Reformation, or Catholic, elements of Anglicanism

Liberalism – this emphasises the reasoned and acculturated element of Anglicanism

Typically, these three influence each other. Anglicanism, and its ‘sub-traditions’, are never static.

Who are we?988355_10151688807571736_1359649852_n1

Joshua Penduck is an Anglican priest in the Church of England, and lives in Newcastle-under-Lyme. He’s from a long line of Pentecostal pastors, was for a time was a professional composer, before being called to be an Anglican minister, currently ministering in St Giles, Newcastle-under-Lyme, UK. He’s married to the love of his life, Shell, and loves reading, travelling, cinema, and YouTube.


Aian Macpherson is also an Anglican priest in the Church of England. Currently team vicar of Marfleet in East Hull, with responsibility for St Philips AianBilton Grange, one of Hull’s outer estates. Before all that Aian was a sick children’s nurse and a carer at a home for teens with behavioural issues. He’s married to Kia and has two wonderful children.